The Red cave | Астрономические мероприятия, наблюдения звездного неба в Крыму!

The Red cave

The natural boundary the Kizil-koba is located on the riverheads of Salgir, the largest river of Crimea, on the western slope of Dolgorukovsky plateau, in 4 km from the village  of  Perevalnoe. Several millennia ago, during an iron epoch, the primitive people lived here. The picturesque ancient track passes through the wood, there the oak, hornbeam, maple, sloe trees grow. The gorge fauna is very rich too - the traveller can meet fibers, martens, hares, lizards, cuckoos, swallows, bats. In the deadlock part of the gorge are located the Tuff glade with the magnificent view on mountains and one of the most known and visited falls of Crimea - Suuchhan, which is overthrowing by a 25-metre murmuring stream from the  breakage.

Behind the river and the big stones, in breakages of rocks there is an entrance into Red cave, that is one of the greatest cave of Crimea. The general extent of its studied part - is almost 18 km. The length of excursion lines - is about 600 m. This cave is really unique; it is possible to name it, without any exaggeration, a wonderful creation of the Crimean nature. The cave consists of six horizontal floors, that abound with picturesque reservoirs, which are the whole system of falls and the cascades framed by the red ferriferous limestone (they gave the name to the cave) forming the cave and the gorge. The region of Red caves can be named one of the most beautiful places of Crimea. They are full of fresh greens and murmur of the river Suuchhan forming cascades of small falls.
The natural boundary Kizil-koba and the fall Suuchhan have a strong positive power, and in our days, this «Force place» is one of the most visited sights of peninsula.