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Sunny Crimea! The Sea and Mountains! Are you ready for adventure?!


Welcome to the web site, related to the fathomless blue of hazy peaks, clear murmuring of the rivers and birds chirping, and romance of the Crimean starry sky. Think of your long-awaited holidays, take a deep breath and feel a spirit of jorney!

What is Crimean mountain hiking like?. It is crystal air, lush vegetation, pure water, spectacular views of the endless
expanse of the sea, hiding under the clouds at your feet... Sparkling river of Milky Way right above your head, leading you to the to outer space of our Universe.  Sunrises and sunsets, rocky peaks and welcoming woods, deer, squirrels, foxes, twisting paths buried in herbs...

While hiking one can leave all the problems behind and feel a beginning of new life!

I arrange walking tours to any fascinating corner of our enchanting peninsula. Get new impressions! I invite you to experience new mysterious emotions that will enrich your stay in Crimea.


Crimea hiking for you:


For the lazy:

For the beginners:

For the experienced:

For the MOST experienced:

To know, what people, who took part in my tours say about our trips and hikings, please read REVIEWS :)

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