Go hiking! | Астрономические мероприятия, наблюдения звездного неба в Крыму!

Go hiking!



Greetings from the Crimean mountains!

You can visit both the most scenic, popular and little known, mysterious places of the peninsula with me! I am pleased to share my love for the native peninsula with you,  to show you the most interesting and wonderful here. All the described routs, including the longest and highest ones, are quite accessible to any citizen of the Earth!;) Our hikes suits for average man in normal condition without  lots of special trainings. We live in tents and bring all necessary gear with us and cook our meal on fire under the skies.

The page "Equipment for hiking" contains information about the stuff one should take along in order to feel comfortable under any weather conditions. Monitoring weather is convenient by clicking on "Weather in the mountains" section, which contains lots of important information. And of course, the mandatory companions of our campaigns are laughter, smiles and funny stories that you can find in "The tourists laugh" part.